Homar Medigear KN95 Respirator

Medigear KN95 The respirator is an ergonomically designed mask that combines protection and comfort with compliance assurance.

This 4-layer kn95 respirator is designed for comfort and protection – low respiratory resistance. The respirator uses an ultra soft non-woven layer to ensure maximum comfort. Kn95 respirator was tested in CNAs laboratory according to Chinese standard gb2626:2006 and verified by Intertek facility. Homar respirator is a class 1 medical device listed by TGA, not a counterfeit or counterfeit kn95 respirator. The device has been tested and each batch has been audited to ensure the consistency and consistency of product specifications and related test reports. Homar respirators are part of the medigear brand. These respirators and all products of life biotech have been tested and verified to meet various international standards, and the results are continuously repeatable.

The respirator contains no latex and uses brand-new hypoallergenic, tasteless and lint free materials.

Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95%
The filtration efficiency of submicron particles is 0.3 microns ≥95%
Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability) <5.0
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, the minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass result 160  mm Hg
Flame spread 1 Class

Comfort: The inner layer is soft and nonabrasive to the skin.

Protection:The second and third layers of the mask minimize particle diffusion.

Breathability:Its fourth layer deflects the liquid without sacrificing air permeability.


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